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We are constantly being bogged down by reading articles on the internet throughout our day. There are times you’ll come across that one article that you can’t have get lost in the millions of articles being published every day. So, you want to save it, but how do you save it and have it easily readable? Pocket is an app for your computer or smartphone that lets you copy the URL of the article you’re reading and store it in a library.

A Great Way to Bookmark

Pockets’ ability to save articles and create a self-provided library of the things that interest you make it a big plus. Many times, I come across something on the web and many times I found pages that interest me that I’d love to read more on. Just later.

Often, I’d bookmark the page and forget about it because of all the other bookmarks I’d saved. What’s great about Pocket is its ability to save these articles and create a searchable library for things you want to read on about. You can add tags to the articles you save, and even categorize your articles, by what you’re interested in researching.

Keeping your Library Saved

Pocket features an archivable library, which acts like a folder where you put everything else you’ve read inside. What’s great about this is when you save an article to your list, it takes up storage space which could add up over time.

However, if you move the articles you’ve read to the archive you will still have the articles available for viewing. With the difference being the articles will be online and not downloaded locally to your phone. Which could help if you have storage-related issues?

Pocket offers a ‘Permanent library’ if you’ve saved an article on the web, there can be times when the piece of content will no longer become available. This can be due to the website shutting down or the content being deleted. When I visited said websites outside of the pocket app, I saw the website was down and I could not visit this website any longer.

What Pocket offers is a way to keep that library. This feature has been especially useful for times when I came across an article I had saved several months prior and came back to read it again.

Staying Productive

Pocket made being productive easier for me, keeping things in one place. Reading articles made being focused easier. You can change fonts and upgrade to a premium account for a broader selection of fonts. I would’ve liked if Pocket didn’t force you to pay to change the margins of the reader and for highlighting more than 3 texts in the article.

Speaking of highlights, I would’ve liked the ability to create notes when highlighting a text, that way I could go back and reference what I’ve created over time.

Pocket’s built-in reader offers a great way to read an article without ads. There’s also a feature to listen to the article through audio, albeit its not that great to use. Sometimes, the audio gets choppy and the reader makes mistakes on reading the passages of text. However, when it does work, it works great and can easily act as a way to listen to an ebook if you have it saved to pocket.

A neat feature, that I use from time to time is the ability to share the articles I’ve saved on Pocket to friends, family, or social media. Maybe, you’re colleague is interested in a topic and you know exactly where to point them to, but it’s in your pocket library. You can just share it to them.

If you’re interested in a way to stay productive, and have an online library to store your favorite articles online Pocket is certainly an app that you can’t beat.