Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review

A game that’s more than meets the eye. Previously released on the Nintendo DS. Radiant Historia was remastered for the Nintendo 3DS....

February 9, 2020

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Resources for Learning the Japanese Language

You’ve clicked on this article because you need other points of reference for your studies of the Japanese language. And with the...

January 30, 2020

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The MangaRock App Review

Reading manga has been a favorite past time for me recently. However, it’s hard to bring a book that adds to the weight of my bag...

October 16, 2018

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Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE Nintendo Direct 08.08.2018 Watch it Live

Nintendo has officially announced a Nintendo Direct for the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” game. The game’s Director,...

August 7, 2018

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Persona 5 Brought My JRPG Voyage Back to Life

There are very few games that make me want to play them multiple times. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Persona 5...

August 7, 2018

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Octopath Traveler Officially Hits 1,000,000 in Sales Globally

As of August 3rd, 2018. Nintendo officially announces the number of units the recently successful hit JRPG Octopath Traveler has sold....

August 3, 2018

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