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I can’t mention how many times I have been frustrated with the college over the high-priced textbooks that were required to take a course. Sometimes, you could get lucky in that your professor won’t enforce the need for the textbook, but other times you get the professor who “mandates” it in class.

As a fan of books and comics, the price you pay for them can quickly add up. Especially, if you enjoy a good paper feel, that paper can get expensive. So here are places I frequent to get a better bargain.

1.    Humble Bundle

For those unfamiliar, Humble Bundle is a website that offers several monthly bundles ranging from video games to textbooks, books, comics, and more. What makes Humble Bundle so great, is that when I visit the site, there are textbooks in topics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by reputed publishers like O’Reilly.

You’ll also find books on personal finance, game development, computer science, cooking, and many more. Humble Bundles have price tiers in that depending on how much you spend, you will get more books, games, and the like.

You’ll be surprised to know that many of these bundles can be as low as $1 and average around $15! At the average cost, you can get up to 15 books easily. Some that are very good.

Even better Humble Bundle donates some of the proceeds to charitable foundations and you can adjust how much money of the money you spent goes to Humble Bundle and how much really goes to charity.

2.    Project Gutenberg

Michael Hart the man who created eBooks founded the website Project Gutenberg a site that focuses heavily on bringing the old world’s literature into modern hands. The project aims to make these public domain books easy for you to access and use on your smart devices.

What makes this project so great is the fact that each book is available in any format you need. You may be required to read a piece of old literature, but it would be best to try Gutenberg to see if the book isn’t already available. It would be a pain to have to pay for print copies of these books.

3.    Book Outlet

For the comic book fan, at Book Outlet, you can find some pretty awesome bargains, that are oftentimes 50% – 90% off of the original MSRP. Book Outlet offers a great variety of comics, at great prices, and if you’re a student on a really low budget slap another 5% off of your book purchases.

Book Outlet offers many different genres and categories of books. Book Outlet has excellent customer service. I enjoy the fact that there is a real human interaction in case my purchase transactions have any issues. I can quickly open up a support ticket and have many of my questions answered.

4.    Amazon

It goes without saying that Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform there is, can offer some excellent books, comics, and textbooks at great prices. Amazon is known for other things like games, TVs, and more.

I can’t forget about Amazon, in college days I would be amazed to find a textbook about some outdated topic that I needed to learn was starting at a whopping $250 from my college bookstore. I then went to Amazon and found that exact book nearly 91% off for $23.90. You can also find older editions of the textbooks if it’s not required to have the exact edition. Usually, for the cheap. Right now if you click the banner below you will get a free month of Amazon Prime.

Do you have any bargain websites you frequent? Let me know in the comments below.