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It’s always interesting to go back in time to repeat memories of our past when we play games. How we enjoyed those dark nights where we were probably alone, enjoying those long hours of serious fun and plentiful joy.

We being youthful, have probably stumbled upon interesting games that were widely forgotten by many, but not you. You remembered, and because of that, we’d like to go back in time to those early days and pull some shedded video games. That maybe, even you may have never heard of, or had forgotten about.


No, we are not poking fun at Will Smith’s portrayal of Detective Del Spooner in I, Robot. Although, a video game of the sort would be truly terrifying, yet somewhat enjoyable.

Released in 2003, what we’re talking about, is this goofy-wacky Ninja game about a Ninja, whose on a quest to find his master, after only discovering he’s been kidnapped by a gang called the Ranx. He works his way up to find the leader of Ranx, whose name is Emperor O-Dor, and save the day.

I-Ninja’s use of really fun aerobatic ninja moves, along with the wackiness of slaying enemies that ooze green blood, similar to an alien and making literal slices out of them, is something that caught my attention. During the game, you’ll pick up things called rage stones that enhance your Ninja abilities which makes the game even more chaotic sometimes.

What’s certainly satisfying in this game is the changing of rank. When you’ve massacred enough enemies, you’ll rise in rank, which means you’ll upgrade your sword, headband, and belt. The bonus is an increase in damage given.

The game features voice acting, albeit not the greatest, it has some truly hilarious moments, that I think to make this game worth the try.

Shrek Superslam

It is very rare that a game based on an animated movie, would be any good. However, would it be strange if we said Shrek Superslam wasn’t life? If you’re one of those people who are thoroughly entertained by the fact that you can decimate Donkey and Puss-in-Boots with Shrek shooting a plunger gun at them. You might want to search for this little gem.

Shrek Superslam pits you against some of the most recognized characters of Dreamworks to fight until elimination using several items in a Super Smash Brothers-Esque way to eliminate the characters off the stage. This game had smash attacks before Smash Bros and made them as brutal as them. I may slightly be exaggerating, but it’s still an entertaining game overall.

Def Jam Icon

Def Jam Icon

Yes our age is starting to show. Def Jam Icon is a 2 player fighting game, that was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2007. If you like rappers in the era of the 90s to 2000s, that you wish you could absolutely beat the living breath out of them. You’re going to love this game.

Def Jam Icon provided hours of tantalizing fun where your favorite rapper would be thrown on to cars, fires, helicopters, sound speakers and more! Featuring environmental collision, where you could manually adjust the background music, damage a player by causing fires, cars and the like to come soaring in on them. All by playing the air dj. You knew you were in for a joy.

Oddly this way of air-djing never got old, and its certainly something to remember. Like gold chains, baggy pants, oversized shirts and timberlands? Buy them, after you’ve won a few games you collect money to ice out and show everybody in the rap game who’s the flyest.

Mad World

Mad world is not a game, its a way of thinking and if your way of thinking involves chainsaw deathmatchs/watches and The Purge as your go to for some reason be my guest. MadWorld represents insanity in the human mind, and it shows. It’s an entirely black and white game with the only added color of red for… you know. The game takes place on an island, that’s being televised as a sport, with fighters from all over.

You play as Jack, and your ultimate goal in the show called the “DeathWatch” is to kill rivals in the most creative and sickening way imaginable, which earn you points. The environment is your weapon, literally, there are rampant death machines on every corner, and even things like trash cans can be a way of creatively hurtling your enemies into a fire to earn some more of those juicy points.

This game is total mayhem, and keeps you on constant edge. Every section of this game does not go underutilized and that’s important when you need to win a deathmatch.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies

Jimmy Neutron, a childhood hero for those of us who thought we were the best prepubescent scientists, looking at Jimmy invent grandiose things to make things more fun than they were before. Attack of the Twonkies, is an odd game, the voice-acting, and story could’ve been ironed up a bit, but where it excels is in the gameplay.

Jimmy Neutron uses his boy genius to create unique inventions in order to stop an attacking force of alien beasts, known as Twonkies. What is genuinely satisfying is the mixing and matching you get to do to create new inventions that will assist you throughout the game, in ways to get around the overworld and to battle your enemies.

If you’re a collecting freak, you go about the game collecting twonkies to rid them from your town in a fashion that can only be described as you sucking in ghosts like you do in Luigi’s mansion.

This game is something to remember, it lacks in many other of the usual necessities for a video game, but the gameplay is just too satisfying to forget.

Let us know in the comments, have you tried any of these games or are there any games from your past that you remember?